Procedures for entering Japan have been eased.入国手続きが緩和されました。

The tedious procedure of entering and leaving Japan is over.
Japan has returned to its pre-Covid status.

Japan is now the most popular travel destination among Asian countries.
Many people want to travel and live in Japan.
Many people want to invest in Japan.

While Tokyo is a world-renowned city, other Japanese cities that are attracting attention are Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island.
Hokkaido is one of the places in Japan where one can live and experience all four seasons.
There are very few cities in the world where one can experience all four seasons, making Hokkaido extremely popular.

By 2020, Sapporo will be a city where visitors from abroad can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, the ocean in summer, autumn leaves in fall, and snow in winter.
This year, too, cherry blossoms bloomed in April, signaling the arrival of spring.
And Sapporo is the largest city in the northern part of Hokkaido. Its central area is one of the most developed cities in Japan.

From June, air flights will be back to normal, making it easier to come to Hokkaido.
With that, we have been receiving more and more contacts from people who would like to consider Kengo Kuma’s residency.
We look forward to welcoming you to Sapporo, a metropolis where you can feel the nature.