[Interview with Kengo Kuma] Why I used wood for a condominium

PROSTYLE Sapporo Miyanomori is designed and supervised by Kengo Kuma, the globally renowned architect. We asked Mr. Kuma about the highlights and beautiful qualities of this architectural gem.

 “Wood has much to offer than just the healing properties it offers as a building material”

One of the prominent features of “PROSTYLE Sapporo Miyanomori” is how wood plays an integral part in the entire design of the building. You will also notice how the complexes are gathered as though it is cuddled to each other while blending in with the landscape. We asked the globally renowned designer, Mr. Kuma, why he used wood for complex housing.

“Complex houses that are built with wood for the entire buildings have sprung up in Europe in recent years. Many people who live in those complexes tend to be conscious about how their actions lead to environmental conservation. My hope is that PROSTYLE Sapporo Miyanomori will pioneer such a trend in Japan as there are still few housing complexes in Japan. I’m sure many will also be drawn to the relaxing and healing ambiance the wood creates. Your understanding of the building will be enriched as you study the environmentally friendly factors of this building.”

“Wood not only offers healing properties but also creates a healthy environmental cycle of the surrounding environment when used for architecture buildings, which is a game-changer for building projects. While concrete and steel can’t help create this environmental cycle, wood plays a vital role in the environmental cycle of Japan and its land. I use wood because I care about these factors. There are also other qualities, like how it feels good when you touch it or the great look it creates, but wood has so much more to offer than just looking and feeling good. Forests become healthier by periodically cutting down trees and planting new ones. It helps reduce the number of floods. It can even stop creating the cause of pollen allergies. These are the wonderful power wood has to offer us.”