The Process from Consultation to Completing the Contract and Property Handover

"Is it difficult and complex to purchase real estate in a foreign country?” This is often the first question that comes to mind for many when they venture into the foreign real estate market. However, Japanese law and procedures are actually still very friendly to foreign buyers at the moment. Real estate in Japan comes with ownership rights, and the rights of foreign and local buyers are the same. Below, we will explain the entire process and the necessary procedures for a cash purchase.

Plan your budget and list your requirements, such as the size of the unit, number of rooms, etc.
Sales representatives will introduce suitable units based on your budget and requirements, considering the actual situation.
On-Site Introduction
Visit the property in person, where the sales representative will introduce the surrounding environment and provide a tour of the desired unit.
Detailed Explanation
After deciding on the unit to purchase, the sales representative will explain the contract process and details.
Purchase Application
Submit a purchase application, which includes the transaction amount, down payment, contract signing, and property handover dates.
Contract Signing
Prepare necessary residency documents and sign the contract at the agreed-upon time, which can also be done online.
With the assistance of a judicial scrivener, the buyer registers the purchased unit.
Property Handover
Complete the final payment on the agreed-upon date. Once the developer and judicial scrivener confirm the payment, the buyer will receive the unit keys and all relevant documents.

The entire process from submitting the purchase application to property handover takes approximately one month. As long as you have the necessary funds and residency documents prepared, you can own a vacation home with a view of Sapporo city in Hokkaido in just one month!

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