Newly built condominium
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A sloped elevator is installed to ensure safety and comfort for those using a wheelchair or baby stroller. You can admire and feel the abundant nature surrounding Miyanomori and the beautiful view of Sapporo every season from the window every day.

Fitness Room

A fitness room where you can refres as well as spend quality time to push yourself to the limits.

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The fitness room which is reserved for residents only is equipped with ready-to-use fitness machines. Incorporate regular exercise into your life to bulk up as well as to refresh, enjoying an exercise without having to worry about time constraints or the weather.


Indoor ground-level carpark with remote controlled automated gate protects your beloved car.

This property has an indoor ground-level carpark which is accessed via a remote controlled automated gate. Reducing the effects of weather, it protects your beloved car from the large amounts of snowfall in Hokkaido. The automated gate augments security and provides peace of mind.

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Drying room

The condominium has a drying room that is equipped with a ventilation system. It is perfect for drying wet clothes, shoes, and winter sports equipment during the winter.

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Trunk room

There is a trunk room beside the indoor ground level carpark where you may store off-season tires safely. Please use it to secure more living space.

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Concierge Service

A Concierge service that supports your everyday life.

They provide reception, delivery, cleaning, taxi reservation, and miscellaneous agency introduction services.
The Concierge service will fulfill your various needs in life.

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Members Portal Site & Reservation System


居住者様への様々なお知らせをサイト上やメールでも受信できるほか、管理規約などの書類の閲覧機能や 共用施設オンライン予約など、マンションライフに役立つメニューを揃えております。



24-hour centralized surveillance system powered by the ALSOK (Sohgo Security Services Co., Ltd.) guard center

We use a 24-hour centralized surveillance system powered by the ALSOK (Sohgo Security Services Co., Ltd.) guard center. In the event of emergencies such as fires inside the complex, an alarm will be sounded on the security intercom inside each residence, alarm displays will flash, and the control center will receive the alarm signal. At the same time, it will send an alarm to ALSOK and be dealt with in a quick and appropriate fashion. Depending on the circumstances, the relevant authorities may also be informed.

*The card-key security system is based on management consignment contracts and may be managed by an entity that is different from the company managing the above security systems.

Hands-free key

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Most of our auto-lock doors use hands-free keys that can unlock doors without being taken out of your bag or pocket. With excellent security features and convenience, it is very useful when both your hands are full holding things or when it is raining.


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CCTVs are set up in various corners of the shared spaces. With 24-hours operation, the camera feeds are sent to the video recorders in the management office in real time. As it is capable of recording large amounts of data, it improves surveillance and prevents crimes and other incidents at the same time.

Intercoms with Color Monitor

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Each residence has an intercom with a color monitor to see and hear the visitor at the entrance hall before opening the door, to provide extra peace of mind.

Security Motion Sensor

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The door at the unit entrance has a security motion sensor. The sensor will respond when the door is opened when it is set to secure mode, sending a distress signal to the management office and management company.

Double lock dimple key

To improve security, the door at the unit entrance has a double lock with 2 keyholes. Additionally, the door locks at the unit entrance uses a more secure reversible-type dimple key to provide enhanced security against unauthorized access by lock picking etc. Lock picking this kind of lock will take more time and increase the chances of the crime failing.

Hook bolt deadlock

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To prevent prying open of the doors using crowbars, we use hook bolts which create a deadlock once engaged.

Thumb turn door knob

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We use a switch-type thumb turn door knob that prevents unauthorized access by turning the doorknob with a tool that reaches inside the house.

Elevator Security

When the elevator is operating, it will immediately stop at the nearest floor once it detects seismic waves (P-wave or S-wave) exceeding the safety limit of the seismic control device.
Furthermore, when there is an interruption in the electrical supply, the automatic emergency landing device will stop the elevator car temporarily before bringing it to the nearest landing, then light up the insides of the elevator with emergency lights on the ceiling and turn on the intercom to allow external communication.

*If a "High" S-wave is detected due to a sudden large earthquake while the elevator is operating, it will stop immediately and may not stop at the nearest floor and the door may remain closed.

*Emergency elevators will stop for a while if the electrical supply is interrupted and return to normal operation once the emergency power generator is turned on.

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IH Flatbed Heaters

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We have adopted a highly safe IH flat heater. The flat ceiling surface is easy to wipe and hygienic.

Built-in Electric Oven

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The hot air circulation system enables two-stage cooking. The entire food is heated by the hot air and cooks evenly.

Exhaust hood with extractor

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Filterless design eliminates the need for troublesome filter cleaning. Sharp, integrated form with no joints for a clean look.


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A dishwasher/dryer is included as a standard feature for convenient cleaning of dishes.

Sliding cabinet

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The drawer has a soft-close function that slows down the drawer just before it closes, so it's slow and quiet.

Dupont Corian tabletop

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Dupont Corian artificial marble tops are chosen becayuse of their beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Washroom and Bathroom

Starck bathtub manufactured by DURAVIT

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This modern and functional acrylic bathtub is designed by designer Philippe Starck.

Thermostatic bath shower mixer faucet

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Euphoria Mono Hand Shower

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Wall panel

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*Varies depending on room type.


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*Varies depending on room type.


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*Varies depending on room type.

NJ Washlet integrated toilet pan

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Single-lever mixer faucet

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Standing washer

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Private Sauna

Lead a healthy lifestyle in Sapporo during winter, with a private sauna that provides maximum relaxation.

Using a sauna to warm up the body has long been a cherished secret for recovering from illness and promoting longevity. This practice, which is said to have originated in Finland and the Baltic States over 2000 years ago, offers numerous benefits. As a resident of Prostyle Sapporo Miyanomori, you can enjoy the privacy of your own sauna. The advantages include rejuvenation, improved skin condition, and relaxation. In the recent research, in a mild heat environment typically ranging from 60-80°C, oxygen circulates throughout your body, reaching vital organs. Simultaneously, it assists in eliminating accumulated lactic acid and toxins through sweating.

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Elevation view

Site layout plan


Direct foundation

Foundation work, which affects earthquake resistance, is built on solid ground (support layer). We have adopted a "direct foundation" (a construction method in which the bottom of the building is solidified with concrete to support the building load directly with the ground), which is used when there is a support layer near the ground surface.

Structural framework

In this property, the design standard strength (Fc) of the building with dwelling units is set to about 24N / ㎟ to about 27N / ㎟ in order to improve the durability of the structural frame. This shows that it can support a weight of about 2,400 to 2,700 tons per square meter.

Double reinforcement

The reinforcing bars in the earthquake-resistant walls are double reinforcing bars placed in the concrete. This provides higher structural strength and durability compared to single reinforcement.

Water-cement ratio of the concrete

For buildings with dwelling units, the ratio of the weight of water to the weight of cement is set to a maximum value of 50.5% for major structural parts such as columns, beams, and floors in order to increase the durability of concrete.


J:COM TV / Internet / Phone

By connecting the antenna cable to the TV terminal, you can enjoy terrestrial digital broadcasting. In addition to the J:COM Channel (community channel) that delivers local information, you can also enjoy sports, anime and other specialty channels (CS digital broadcasting) and video on demand by subscribing to J:COM.
Internet access is available through a cable modem connected to the TV terminal and a LAN cable connected to the computer.
Telephones can be connected from the TV terminal to a regular landline via an eMTA (dedicated telephone terminal).


High ceilings for spaciousness

We have secured a maximum ceiling height of approximately 2,400 mm to 2,600 mm.
This varies depending on the unit type. *Please refer to the drawing collection for details.


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Eco-Jozu is an energy-saving boiler that uses natural gas. It not only provides smooth hot water supply to kitchens, bathrooms, and powder rooms, but also provides total support for floor heating and bathroom heater/dryers. Compared to conventional water heaters, the Eco-Jozu boiler is more environmentally friendly and offers superior economic efficiency in terms of annual running costs.

Wood and aluminum composite sliding window frame with triple glass

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Kengo Kuma, a renowned architect, has imported
and adopted triple-glazed glass with wooden window frames, which is widespread
used at European luxury properties to provide warmth during the harsh winters
of Northern Europe and the Baltic States, which are still rare in Japan. This
unprecedented level of insulation and energy efficiency allows for the design
of homes with large windows, which is rarely seen in Hokkaido.

Home delivery box

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You can receive packages delivered while you are away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Parcels delivered while you are away can be confirmed by the parcel arrival display on the main intercom unit in your residence. This can also be used as a security measure against intruders posing as couriers.

Hot-water under-floor heating

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The living room and dining room are equipped with hot-water floor heating. The system uses warm water to warm the room comfortably from the feet up, creating an ideal head cold foot heat. This system is also safe for children and the elderly.

Ceiling-mounted cassette-type air conditioner

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A ceiling cassette air conditioner of the embedded type is equipped as standard. This provides ideal airflow. The central ventilation system recycles heating and cooling energy to enhance indoor comfort throughout the four seasons.

Box frame construction

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A "box frame construction" is adopted, in which the building is supported by "walls" without pillars or beams. Unlike a rigid-frame structure, this structure does not have pillars or beam shapes in the living room, resulting in a clean and neat design.

Hot-water heating

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All rooms, including living rooms and bedrooms, are equipped with hot-water heaters that warm the rooms with a power of 90°C. It can be combined with ceiling cassette air conditioners and hot-water floor heating to warm the rooms more quickly and effectively.

LED lighting

LED lighting is used for downlights in the dwelling units. Compared to conventional incandescent lighting, LED lighting lasts longer and reduces power consumption and CO2 emissions.

Thermal insulation structure

Approximately 55 mm thick heat insulating material has been installed on the interior side of the beams and walls facing the outside air, and approximately 35 mm to 50 mm thick heat insulating material has been installed under the floor of the lowest floor units to suppress condensation. The rooftop of the top floor has approximately 70 mm thick insulation. (*excluding some areas.)

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