Frequently Asked Questions/常見問題

Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Purchasing Real Estate in Japan:

Q. Was this project personally designed by Kengo Kuma?
A. Yes, this project was personally designed by the master architect Kengo Kuma, and it is currently the only residential work of his in Hokkaido.

Q. Can I purchase property in Japan without residency?
A. There are no restrictions on foreigners purchasing real estate in Japan, and the rights of foreign and Japanese buyers are the same.

Q. Can buying Japanese real estate grant me residency?
A. Currently, Japan does not have such a system.

Q. Can foreigners obtain loans to buy property?
A. Foreigners with residency status in Japan can apply for loans from Japanese banks, but the loan amount and interest rates depend on individual circumstances.

Q. Can the property be used for operating a guesthouse?
A.There are hotel-type and one-room-type properties that can be used as vacation rentals, but are designed with the sole purpose of making a profit by renting out the property without much consideration for resale.
However, in Japan, properties where large numbers of unspecified people come and go are less popular from the standpoint of security and maintaining cleanliness. As a result, the quality of assets is also declining.
All residents don’t want their property value to decline, so in most properties, private lodging is prohibited by the condominium’s regulations rather than by law.

Q. Do I need to go to Japan for the signing of the contract? What if I don’t speak Japanese?
A. Contract signing can be done online, and we provide translation assistance for customers who do not speak Japanese.

Regarding Living in Sapporo:

Q. What is the climate like in Sapporo? Is it very cold in winter?
A. Sapporo, located in northern Japan’s Hokkaido, has a pleasant climate with dry and cool summers. In winter, outdoor temperatures can drop below freezing, and it receives snowfall. However, this property features Nordic-imported triple-layer glass windows, adequate insulation in the walls, and underfloor heating, so you don’t need to worry about staying warm indoors.

Q. Is living in Sapporo convenient?
A. Sapporo is the largest city in northern Japan and offers all the conveniences of city living. Prostyle Sapporo Miyanomori is within a 5-minute walk of a convenience store, a 7-minute drive to a shopping mall with a supermarket, and a 2-minute drive or an 11-minute walk to Miyanomori Memorial Hospital. Additionally, Sapporo Medical University Hospital, a comprehensive large hospital, is an 8-minute drive away, ensuring quick access to healthcare services when needed. It offers all the convenience of city living.

Q. What are the benefits of living in Sapporo?
A. As mentioned earlier, Sapporo is the largest city in northern Japan and serves as a political and economic center. However, it is also surrounded by natural beauty, including various ski resorts, golf courses, hot springs, and more. With Sapporo as your base, you can easily explore the vastness of Hokkaido, making it an ideal choice for property investment in Hokkaido.



Q. 建案是隈研吾親自設計的嗎?
A. 本建案是大師親自設計,而且是目前唯一在北海道的住宅作品喔!

Q. 沒有日本居留權也可在購買嗎?
A. 日本沒有對外國人購入不動產的限制。並且外國人和日本人在不動產上的權利是一樣的。

Q. 購買日本不動產可以得到居留權嗎?
A. 日本目前沒有相關的制度。

Q. 外國人可以貸款購房嗎?
A. 有居留權的外國人是可以向日本的銀行貸款的。但貸款金額和利率還是依個人情況為準。

Q. 可以用作經營民宿嗎?
A. 有飯店型和單間型房產可用作短期租賃,但其設計的唯一目的是透過出租獲利,而沒有考慮轉售。

Q. 簽約時一定要前往日本嗎?不會日文怎麼辦?
A. 簽約可以於網上進行。另外我們會有翻譯協助不諳日文的客人。


Q. 札幌的氣候如何?冬天會很冷嗎?
A. 札幌位於日本北方的北海道,夏天乾燥涼爽,氣溫舒適宜人。而冬天室外會低於零度共且下雪,但本建案使用了北歐進口三層玻璃窗,加上牆壁使用厚度足夠的隔熱材料,加上空調地暖等,在室內並不用擔心保暖問題。

Q. 札幌生活方便嗎?
A. 札幌是日本在北方最大的城市,絕對可以滿足一切生活需要。在Prostyle札幌宮之森,走路5分鐘可以到便利商店,開車7分鐘可以附超市的購物商場,另外開車2分鐘徒步11分鐘也可到達宮之森紀念醫院,綜合大型醫院札幌醫科大學附屬醫院也在車程8分鐘的距離,身體抱恙時也可迅速就醫。可以說擁有所有的方便城市生活機能。

Q. 住在札幌有什麼好處?
A. 前面也有說到札幌是日本在北方最大城市,是政治和經濟的中心。但同時在札幌週邊有很多自然景色,如各種滑雪場、高球場、溫泉等,以札幌為據點,遊遍廣闊的北海道,是在北海道置產的首選。